Uttar kanada                                                                                             

2.                                         Karwar is fully blessed with Natural floral beauty and splendor. Evergreen rich forests in Sahyadri Hills and Western Ghats, Beautiful River Valleys and the Calm Blue Arabian Sea contribute  towards infinite beauty of the region. Ravindranath Tagore has described Karwar as the very personification of nature's infinite Beauty and Grace.  Four perennial rivers, Kali, Gangavali, Aghanashini and Sharavathy flow with all merry and emotional speed to merge with the grand Arabian Sea Lord. Panoramic View of the valleys in which the rivers luxuriously and joyfully flow makes one to forget cares and worries of this mundane world. Serene and peaceful atmosphere of the  whole region in the  coastal area, that too in certain selected and sanctified places, helps to gain Real peace of mind " Beauty is truth and truth is Beauty" holds good in this area.  

3.                                                  In addition to Nature's bounty, the Division consists of places of Historical and religious importance like Sadashivgad, Gokarn, Murdeshwar and Melina Idagunji.  

4.                                                     Karwar has one of the safest and the finest harbors in our country.  Arabs had Sea Trade with Karwar in ancient days. Baithkol is the oldest natural port used by Arabs. In 1510 A. C.  Portugese conquered the area.  Then followed Britishers and Shivaji Maharaja region. It was in the possession of Britishers till the dawn of Independence.  The Port is being fully developed  to be the biggest and the safest port in Asia. Foundation stone for Naval base called " SEA BIRD"  was laid by the Prime Minister on  24.10.1986. Kaiga Atomic Energy Project is located at Kaiga. With these developments Karwar has gained international importance in trade. Caustic Soda Factory at Ninaga is in full swing in its production. Fisheries is another main source for development of Karwar. Prawn and Makerel are famous varieties of fish which are in great demand in western countries.  

5.                                                                            Gokarn has been well known piligrim centre from the rime immemorial for Atma Linga  brought by Ravana  and is famous  as Dakshin Kashi; It takes us to Krutayuga when Rama and Ravana lived.  

6.                                                     Murdeshwar is said to have a part of Atma Linga of Gikarn. Beautiful location of the temple surrounded by the sea is realy marvellous, and is a tourist centre.  

7.                                                   Melina Idagunji has an ancient temple of Ganapathi who has only two hands unlike other Ganeshas who have four hands. This is said to be a place of penance selected by ancient Rishies.  

8.                                                   Sadashivgad is 5KMs away from Karwar towards North. Durga Bhavani temple at the top of the hill worshipped by Shivaji and the fort build by Sadashiv are famous. Portugese, Shivaji and Britishers had used this port also for sea trade. Confluence of  Kali River  with the Sea near Sadashivgad is quite delightful to enjoy natural scenery  which feasts our eyes.  

9.                                                   Kadra hydel Project : Kadra is situated at a distance of 37KMs from Karwar and ahydel project of Karnataka Power Corporation has been build here.  

10.                                               Konkan Railway Project has been completed. This is a link from Trivendrum to Mumbai. The line passes through this Division throught the coast from Bhatkal in the South to Karwar in the North.  

Following are the major stations on the line in this division.

1. Karwar                   -            7KMs away from Karwar City near Shirwad Village.

2. Gokarn Road                 -            8KMs away from Gokarn Pilgrim Centre Cnetre.

3. Ankola                            -            2KMs away form Ankola Town.

4. Kumta                            -            1KM away from Kumta Town.

5. Honavar                         -            5KMs away from Honavar Town.

6. Murdeshwar                  -            3KMs away from Murdeshwar  Pilgrim Centre.

7. Bhatkal                            -            3KMs away from Bhatkal Town.

                          Following  are the particulars of the trains running on the route.

1.      KR IDN Ratnagiri - Mg

2.      KR 0021 DN  Madgoa  - Mg.

3.      KR 0022 DN  -- do --

4.      Netravati Ex Mg - Mumbai.

  11.                                            ' Sea Bird ' Naval Base : Project : This project to establish Naval Military base at Karwar. This is a biggest project in India to be established on Western  Coast next to Mumbi. This is now at the initial  stage and after completion occupies about 20KMs of Coastal belt from Karwar to Belekeri port.



1.      Belekeri

2.      Bhatkal

3.      Gokarn

4.      Hattikeri

5.      Honavar

6.      Karwar

7.      Kumta

8.      Merdeshwar





1.      Kadra

2.      Karwar


1. AMBIKANAGAR :    This is the biggest Power Station in the state at present. It has a well furnished guest house for the tourists.

 2. BANAVASI   :               The place is 22 KMs from Sirsi is one of the oldest towns of Karnataka with beautiful, natural            surroundings. The river Varada flows on 3 sides. Madhukeshwara Temple  originally constructed by the Kadambas, has got many additions in Kalyana, Chalukya and Hoysala Styles. There are many shrines big and small along the compound of the main temple. The Triloka  Manatapa  kept in the Navaranaga of the Madhukeshwara and the Asthana Mandtapa are wonderful monolithic creations.

 3. BEDASGAON :       In Mundgod taluk is a place of  Historical importance and is approachable via Maligi on the Sirsi - Hubli road. Boppeshwaradeva Temple, Puradwaragudi and a stone shrine of Veerabhadra are the attractions fo this place. There is aRamalinga Temple in the Valley below and at the bottom of a huge basari tree, there is Shivalinga  on a rock. This is a fine and quite picnic spot. There is a perennial spring in the remains of a tank behind the temple.

 4. BILGI:            13 KMs from Siddapur has temples of Veerupaksha, Mahadeva and Hanumanta. The Jain Basti in Bilgi is the biggest in the Dist. and a very beautiful complex structures.

5. DANDELI              A Hobli centre 21KMs from Haliyal. A famous industrial center of the Dist. The place is on the bank of the river Kali. The West Coast Paper Mills, Dandeli Ferro Alloys Ltd. Indian Plywood manufacturing Company are the main industries. The Dandeli Game Sanctuary is a fine spot where animals like Elephant, Wild Beer, Sloth Beer, Panthers, Spotted Deer etc. are found. The best season to visit this spot is between Sept. and Feb. 

6. DODMANE  :            27 KMs from Siddapur is located in the beautiful surroundings of ever green forest and uneven landscapes, which together present a panaromic view of the valley. There is water falls here which is locally known as Burudejog. This is a highly captivating site.

7. GUDNAPUR :           A revenue village 3 KMs from Banavasi is on the bank of a big tank. Women who do not beget children perform the ceremony of offering a votive cradle to the Tank. The place has a number of temples and can be developed in to a tourist spot and boating facility could also be provided at the tank.

8.LALGULI FALLS :            13 KMs from Yellpaur, has a series of picturesque water falls of the Kali river falling in different heights  from 61 Mtrs  to 91 Mtrs. There is temple of Hanuman near by on the hill.

9. MANJUGUNI :           A place of pilgrimage 26 Kms from Sirsi. During winter it is covered by thick fog and hence it is called by the name Manjuguni. The temple of Venkatramana is a huge complex built in Vijayanagara Style. At the entrance to the village there is a big tank 4 Hectares in Size.

10.TIBATAN COLONY : The quite Gande Monastery is having attractive colour pantings. There is one handicraft centre.

11.BACHANAKI DAM :  About 9 KMs from Mundgod on the Mundgod - hubli road is the Bachankidam, a tourist resort. The dam which is built across the Bachanaki river, a tributary of the Kali is adorned with ever green hilly surroundings. There is a proposal to raise park on the site on the other side of the dam.

12. SAHASRALINGA :   A beautiful valley where the river Shalmala flows. The multiple Shivalingas found for considerable length in the river course of the Shalmala are an attraction. Each rock is designed with a linga and Nandi facing it.

13 SHIVAGANGA FALLS :  22 KMs from Sirsi. There is no proper road, and after moving through a moterable road from Hulekal to Smpigadde near Mensi village, one has to cross the thick forest in order to reach this spot. The small Sonda river falls in to a deep valley covered with thick ever green flora and presents a captivating view.

14. SIRSI  :                             Is the sub divisional head quarters and head quarters of Sirsi Postal Division. The name appears to have been derived from the true Shirsha. The fort of Sirsi is now in ruins where temples of Shankara and Ganapati could be seen. On the right side of Shankara temple is a small  pond locally called as Shankara Tirtha. The popular Marikamaba temple is said to have built in 1689. The wooden statue is believed to have been found in a tank.  Veerabhadra, Ishwara and the Parshwanath Basti are other temples in the town. Triambakeshwara  temple and a Ganesh Shrine are just opposite Marikamba temple.

15. SOMASAGAR:                    A hamlet of Neggu village [ 8 KMs from Sirsi] is a place of Houripast. One has to take deviation at Neggu village on the Sirsi -  Kumta Road to reach the place. The place has an impressive temple of Someshwar.

16.SONDA  :                                      19 KMs from Sirsi is the seat of one of the Ashtamathas of Udupi rto which Vadiraj Swami succeeded . it contains the Brindavana of Vadiraj Swamy. There is a fine Kalyani called Dhavalaganga behind this. The annual car festival of Trivikrama is held on the Holy Poornima which also synchronises with the day of the entry of Vadiraja in to Brindavana.

17.  SUSUBLI FALLS :             Is located near Kakkalli village. It is a perennial spring also called as Bilihole falling from a height of 11 Mtrs and provides an enchanting spot. The falls is located near Kakkalli 30 KMs from Sirsi.

18. SWARNAVALLI:                  16KMs from Sirsi is the revenue village where Swarnavallimatha was established. It has got shrines of Rajarajeshwari, Chandramouleshwara and Laxminarayana. On the forest route, from this mataha to Vadiraja Mataha , Sonda, a Jaina Matha could be seen which was also called as Bhattakalanka Matha.

19.SYKES POINT :                       3 Kms from Ambikanagar is an interesting tourist spot in the division. This beautiful place has a tower like witnessing platform. In the deep valley the Kali, being joined by Nagazari river, both moving forward like silver linings of the green attire worn by lady nature, is an enchanting scene that can be viewed from this place.

20. ULVI :                               36 KMs from Joida is a place of pilgrimage. Famous for its Chennabasavanna Temple. The jatras are held here during Shivaratri, Makarasankranti, Basavajayanthi and Maghapurnima.

21. UNCHALLI FALLS  :               35 KMs from Siddapur is afine tourist spot. It is acombination of 2 streams one from Shankar thirtha [ Sirsi Town ] & the other from Manjuguni Tank [Sirsi Taluk ] which converges at Maddihalli [ Siddapur Tq.] which then flows deep down in to the rugged valley at Hunchalli from a height of 116 Mtrs and then flows westwards. The river is called Aghanashini from Maddihalli .

22. KAVADIKERE :                   8 Kms from Yellapur on the Karwar Road is a perennial tank stretching over an area of  25 hectares of land. It is a fine picnic spot. Kavadamma temple is situated on its bank.



i)                   Haliyal I B

ii)                 Dandeli I B

iii)               Forest Rest House, Bhagavathi

iv)                River view Bungalow- Dandeli [ forest Dept.]

v)                  Forest  Rest House , Haliyal.

vi)                Forest Rest House, Kawalwad.

vii)              Forest Rest House, Kulgi.

viii)            K P C  Guset House, Ambikanagar.


i)                   Joida I B

ii)                 Kumbarwada I B

iii)               Castle Rock I B

iv)                Anshi I B

v)                  Ulvi Rest House.

vi)                Forest Rest House, Ganeshgudi

vii)              Anmod I B

viii)            Forest Guset House, Chinchkhand

ix)                Forest Rest House, Gund

x)                  Forest Rest House, Jagalbet.

xi)                Forest Rest House, Mundarli

xii)              Forest Rest House , Tinaighat.

xiii)            K P C Guset House, Ganeshgudi.


i)                   Mundgod I B

ii)                 Pala I B

iii)               Forest Rest House, Gunjavathi

iv)                Forest Rest House, Kyatanahalli.

v)                  Forest Rest House, Sunakeri

4.      SIRSI TALUKA :

i)                   Sirsi I B  and T B

ii)                 Ekkambi I B

iii)               Karnataka State Govt. Employees Building.

iv)                Banavasi P W D  Store.

v)                  Bandal P W D  Store


i)                   Siddapur I B

ii)                 Jog I B

iii)               Guest House III, Mavingundi


i)                   I B Yellapur

ii)                 Wooden Rest House [ Forest Dept. ], Yellapur.

iii)               Forest Bungalow Yellapur.

iv)                Forest Rest House, Bilki.

v)                  Forest Rest House, Chippargi

vi)                Forest Rest House, Kirawatti.

vii)              Forest Rest House, Wadehukli.

viii)            Tourist Guest House, K S T  D C  , Magod Colony.