Raichur is the HQ s of the Revenue Dist. and also the HQ s of the Division. Koppal Dist. Is newly formed on 24.8.97 and there is a HO in its HQ. The town is a place of Historical interest, among the old monuments mention can be made of the following.

1.      FORTS :

  The Hill Fort was built by Rudra Deva, the ruler of Kakatiyas of Warrangal  stands prominent on the hill over looking the town. There is a big  Cannon set up on the Summit of the Hilllock. Besides the hill fort, the town is surrounded by a fort of two walls, the inner fort was constructed by Vittalappa Nayaka and the outer by Ibrahim Adilshah in 1549.

2.      EK - MINAR MASJID :

This was constructed by  Ambar in 1919 A.D. in the Persian Style, but has a rounded dome in Bahamani Style. The Significance of this Mosque is that it has only one minar at 65 feet high which is a rarity.  

3.      The town has 3 Gate Ways which are called Macca Darwaza , Navaranga Darawaza and Kille Darwaza.

4.      TEMPLES :

Among the ancient temples mention can be made of  Shri Ramalingeshwar, Manik Prabhu Temples and Digambar Jain Temples .

            The other places of interest in the Division are as follows.

.MASKI :    There are a few edicts collected and placed in the premises of the I.B. Among them a few belong to the period of Jagadekamalla, Jayasimha who ruled. In one of the edicts, Muski was then called Mosambi which was the Capital during their reign. There is also an edict of Ashoka, situated a t a distance of 2 miles from the I. B.  

MANVI :  an edict  belonging to the year 1072 A. D. is found near here. This belongs to the periods of Mahamandaleshwara Dev. In this edict, it is explained in detail as to how Devaraya the Commander in Chief of Kalyan Chalukya invaded North Konkan and Central India.  

YELBURGA : this is an ancient  place belonging to Sindhas, who ruled prior to 1026 A. D. then this place was called Yerambarga. An edict foung here explains how between the years 1026-1126. Acharasa of Sindha Dynasty  fought the commander in Chief 6th Vikramaditya viz. Hoysala vishnuvardhana. This is  now a Taluka HQ s.  

MUNIRABAD :  This place used to be called ' Huligi ' , even now some people call in that name. There is an edcit of 1088a. d. ChanukayaThilokya Malla of 6th Vikramaditya. Gave the village Huligi to Chowedibhatta gratis to Chowedibhatta, constructed a canal from Tungabhadra in order to help the cultivations. The present gigantic T. B  Dam is constructed on this same spot.  

                        There were great learning centres like Nalanda University of ancient lore in some places viz. Kuknoor, Itgi, Alwandi, Kowlur, Kowthal, Gabbur, they were famous Agraharas of ancient days. Vedas, History, Grammer, Drama , Medicine, were being discussed by the great and learned.  

                        Itigi village near Kuknoor in Yelburga Taluka is famous for ancient temple of Ishwara. Built in 1112 A.D. by ' dandanath Thri - Kshetra'. This place is also called Devalaya Chakrawarthi.  

                        Anegundi was a famous place during the reign of Krishnadevaraya. Even now there are old monuments and edicts.  

                        Pampa Sarovar is an Old famous lake. It is situated at a distance of  4 miles west. Shbari's ashrama and anjaneya Hill [ Anjanath ] and Vali Treasury are situated here.

                        Kanakagiri at the time of Ashoka rign was called Suvarnagiri. An ancient temple built in Chola Style  exists and is very beautiful.  

MUDGAL :  An ancient place. There is a big Fort.  

HUTTI :  About 30 miles away from the District HQ s is the place where Goldvis being mined. This is stated to be the only profit making Gold in India.

              Raichur gets only about 20 " - 30 " rainfall but with adjoining T. B. Project, the District is provided with irrigation facilities. The town has a regulated market dealing chiefly with Cotton, Groundnuts, Jawar and Jaggery. This market is placed third in the Cotton Market of India and occupies 1st place in Karnataka State.  


RAICHUR                   : Historical Place. The History began from the days of Mouryan King Ashoka. The following were having Historical Importance - Raichur Forts, Ek - Minar Maszid 3 Gate ways namely Macca Darwaza, Navarang Darwaza, Navaranga Darwaza and Kille Darwaza. Weather is very hot during summer. The highest Max. Temp. recorded is 45.6 degree C. December is the coldest month with temp. of 29.3 degree C.

                                    TEMPLES :  Shri. Ramalingeshwar Temple, Manik prabhu Temple.  

MASKI                        : famous for an edict of Ashoka, situated at a distance of 2 miles.  

MIUNIRABAD : This place is used to be called " Hulgi ".  There is an edict of  1088 AD - Huligemma Temple is very famous. Famous Tungabhadra Dam.  

ANEDUDI                  : This  was a famous place during the reign of Krishnadevaraya. Even now there are old monuments & edicts.  

KANAKAGIRI : The place at the time of Ashoka regime was called Suvarnagiri. There is an ancient temple of Lord Kanakachalapathy. The place is famous for ancient temples & wells.  

MUDGAL                   :  An Ancient place. There is a big  fort.  

HUTTI                         : Famous for Gold Mines.  

KOPPAL                    : Taluka HQ s.  It has an old and noted Veerashiva Math. There is another spot on the east called Gavimath which is about 150 ft. above land. The hills commands a beautiful view. On the hill there have been found two Ashoka edicts.  

DEVASUGUR : Devasugur in Raichur taluka :

                                    Situated on the right bank of the Krishna river is noted for its Sugureshwar or Veerabhadra Temple. The annual Jatra of  Veerabhadra Temple, held in the month of Margashira, attracts a large No. of people.  

GANADHAL              : Ganadhal in Raichur Tq. Which is situated about 20 miles from Raichur, has wellknown temple of Panchamukhi Prana Devaru  [ Hanuman with five faces ] on a hillock. Visitors to Mantralaya [ Now in AP] make it a point to visit this temple also.  

KURUVAPURA       :             Kuruvapur village in raichur Tq. Is a beautiful island surrounded by the

[ NARAD GADDE]          Krishna River, about 48 miles North East of Raichur. It is looked upon as a holy place and is popularly known as Naradagadde where sage Narada is said to have performed Penance. It has a temple dedicted to Narada. There is also a famous Shivayoga Peetha.  

PURA                         : Pura in Kushtagi Tq. About five miles from Tavargera is noted for its five and spacious templ of Someshwara which has a ' Kotilingas ' where annual " big Jatra" is held in the month of Shravana.  


1.      Raichur

2.      Manvi

3.      Sindhanur

4.      Kushtagi

5.      Lingsugur

6.      Deodurg

7.      Koppal

8.      Yelburga

9.      Gangavathi

10. Hutti

11. Munirabad

12. Yermaras Camp

13. Yegera

14. Gillesgur

15. Tavargera

16. Kuknoor

17. Rodalabanda

18. Mudgal

19. Maski

20. Kanakagiri

21. Sanapur

22. Ramadurga

23. Chandrabanda

24. Bail Merched  [Sankeshwar B.O / Kardi SO ]