Haveri situated by the Pune - Bangalore National Highway No. 4. It is the seat of the sub divisional Revenue Officer and Head Quarter of  other important office like, E. E. , K. E. B., & P W D and Sub Divisional Agricultural Officer etc. it has an Arts, Science and Commerce College housed on a spacious site and in an important building by the N H - 4. A Sugar Factory has recently started near Sangur, on the way to Hangal from Haveri. There is a Tiles Factory situated in the heart of the Town. Haveri is proud  of its biggest Cattle market which is provided with all the amenities to the cattle and also the dealers. The APMC Yard is very big and caters to the needs of the surrounding agriculturists. The Head Post Office here has come in to being w.e.f. 02.06.80.


R A N E B E N N U R  :                       

                        This is also one of the important Taluka Head Quarter in the Division. It is the most populous Town in the Division. It has got a good well equipped  Arts, Science and Commerce College. A Technical Engineering College has been recently started. A few Tiles manufacturing factories are situated in the outskirts of the Town. The Town is on the Highway to Bangalore. This is an important trading Centre and is famous for the country wool rugs [Kambli ].

                        Near Ranebennur is situated Devargudda, at a distance of 12 Kms. The presiding deity here is Malhari Martand worshipped by crores of people. The Temple is situated on a hill and is beautifully lit during nights. It is visible from longer distances while travelling on NH-4.

                        Near  Ranebennur, a Bird Sanctuary is located near Medleri Forest Area. In this area, the Birds known as " Black Bustard " are available. In the same forest, '"Black Deers" are also available. In Kannada, the Black Bustard is called as  " ERALADDU" in Northern Part and " DOORSVAYANA HAKKI " in Southern part. This Sanctuary is drawing the attention of the bird - lovers - conservationist those remotely interested in nature particularly due to this majestic bird. A big Bustard can reach up to 122 centimeters in height and the smaller 92 centimeters.

                        Near Haveri Anandavana Agadi is famous. Here, Sheshachal Swamy lived and took Samadhi about four centuries ago. There is a beautiful Shiva Tample here and annual  fair is organised on a grand scale. Within the campus, A Samskrit School is run by the Present Swamiji. A monthly magazine by name ' Subhoda Chandrike' is printed and published here.


K A G I N E L L I  :  

                         Nine miles West of Haveri, kaginelli is on the way to Hirekerur. It is a historic place, being the death place of Sri Kanakadas, the noted Kannada Post. There is the Adikeshva Temple here and it is  this presiding diety which gave all the push to Kanakadas in his famous writings.

 H A N U M A N A M A T T I  :  

                        There is a Rural Agriculture Institute which is intended for improvement of villages ans village - industries. This is situated between Haveri and Ranebennur by the N. H- 4.


K U M A R P A T N A M   :  

                        This is the new name given to the original village Nalavagal. The Harihar Ployfiber.a huge Birla concern with a cost  [ outlay ] of Rs. 40 crores, is humming with all the activities. It is situated on the bank of River Tungabhadra and employs 2,500 people.  

B Y A D A G I :  

                        Byadagi is Taluka Head Quarters of the Taluka by the same name. Famous Byadagi Chillies are from this place only. During season, the Telegraph Branch o the Post Office is under heavy pressure.  

H A N G A L;  

                        Hangal is the Taluka Head Quarters of the Taluka by the same name. The taluka isfamous rice growing area. There are full fledged Arts, Commerce  colleges in this Town. Sri Tarakeshwara Temple is famous here. Newly built I. B. is available at this place.

H I R E K E R U R:  

                        Head Quarter of the taluka by the same name. There is a full - fledged Arts, College in the Town. There is Inspection Bungalow in the Town.



1.      Haveri

2.      Hirekerur

3.      Hosaritti

4.      Ranebennur

5.      Rattihalli

6.      Haunsabhavi

7.      Hangal