Bidar, the capital of Bahamini kingdom has the ruins of the Old Fort, Madarasa of Mahamood Gawan and Tomb of Bahamani Kings. The ruins are stupendous and impressive.  There is also a new fort constructed in the 14th century. Within the fort are three palaces - Ranjeen Mahal, Chini Mahal, and the Turish Mahal. It is stated that Gawan's  University, one of the oldest Universities of the World was situated here and Arabic and Persian Scholors from all parts of the world were present in the University  during its days of splendor.

                        There are two famous fountains. They are Narasimha Zara and Nanak Zara. The first one is in a cave and one has to wade through water up to chest level to reach it. At the farthest and of the cave is the idol of Ugranarasimha.

                        Nanak Zara is stated to be fountain which originated by the more touch of Guru Nanak's feet. Sikh from all over the country flock to this hallowed spot to have a dip in the holy water.

                        Bidar Town is famous for its exquisite craftsmanship in " BIDRI WORKS ". which are intricately carved idols in Zinc blackened and lined with silver linings.

Where to stay

1.      Habsicot Guest House, Bidar.

2.      Inspection Bungalow, Bidar.

3.      Travellers Bungalow, Bidar.

4.      Inspection Bungalow at Humanabad.

5.      Travellers Bungalow at Basavakalyan.