Badami, Aihole, Kudal Sangama and Pattadkal are tourists' delight in this district. Almatti dam also is in this district.

            Badami, Aihole and Pattadkal take us into the Chalukya dynasty. The Badami caves have their famous 'menabasi' carvings are very intricate. There are four rock-cut temples. Cave number three is famous for its frescoes.  Aihole is known as the 'cradle of temple architecture'. One can see the temple architecture in its embryonic form here in the earliest Ladkhan temple to more complex forms in Kunligudi and Durgigudi.  

The temples at these three places mentioned above, were centres of architectural activity between 6th and 8th centuries, when Chalukyas were in power. Aihole was the capital of Chalukyas before they shifted to Badami. Later  the Chalukyas shifted to Pattadkal and returned to Badami only after Vikramaditya I avenged the death of this father and regained Badami in 645 AD, defeating Pallava king Narasimhavarman.  At Pattadkal, one can witness the early Chalukyan sculpture detailing events from Ramayana and Mahabharatha.

            Besides these famous tourist spots, at Kudala Sangama, the confluence of Krishna and Malaprabha rivers, is situated the pilgrimage center of Veerashaivas, Basaveshwara, the great Veerashaiva saint had lived here.

Where to stay

Inspection Bungalows/Travellers' bungalows are available at the following places in the district:  

v     Bagalkot  

v     Badami  

v     Hungund

v     Jamkhandi

v     Mudhol  
v     Bilgi  
v     Aihole